Secretary & Treasurer


Mary has been married to Marlon for 25 years. She is currently employed at IBM and has been a part of their team for 20 years. For the first ten years she was an inside channel sales manager, for three years she was an account manager, for the last seven years she has been an incentive program manager. Throughout her career at IBM Mary has worked in the business partner community with partners with partners from around the U.S.

Mary was born in Charleston, West Virginia and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. A few years after high school she moved to Austin for a Property Management position with Dinnerstien Mangement. Mary's initial responsibilities were for new construction and completing punch out work before turning the buildings over for occupancy. This opportunity afforded Mary her first experience into the construction industry.

Mary is an integral part of our team here at Cotham Construction Services and Roofing. Mary oversees the Finance Department and works closely with the company's CPA and Bookkeeper to ensure that our finances are in order. Mary hopes to someday be a full-time part of Cotham Construction Services & Roofing, LLC where in addition to her Secretary/Treasurer duties she can follow her passion for remodeling and interior design helping our customers dreams come alive. She has a fine eye for detail and can make a house into a home.

Mary is a workout enthusiast and enjoys competing in such competitions like the Warrior Dash  and Muddy Buddy respectively. She recently completed the Austin 10/20 which marked a pretty impressive milestone in her competitive running

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