Cotham Construction Services & Roofing, LLC offers the highest quality products on the market today. We believe wholeheartedly that James Hardie® products are the best on the market today and we strive to bring these quality products to our customers at an affordable price. But, of course we didn't come up with this theory all by ourselves, James Hardie® has the track record to prove it.

Why should you choose James Hardie®?

Protect your home. Or course there is no way to prevent all disasters but you can take measures to protect your home from fires and hurricanes with Hardie products. You can prevent extensive damage by installing a non-combustible home exterior. To learn about how Hardie can protect your home from fires, click here. Hardie also can help protect your home from hurricanes with their fiber-cement siding that impact resistant against hail and windblown debris. Read more about how James Hardie® products have stood up to extreme weather conditions here.

Simply stated, durability. James Hardie® products stand up to mosture, rot, and painting perils. Nobody can control the weather. James Hardie® fiber-cement siding is 5 times thicker than vinyl siding, resistant to hail and other severe climates, and can withstand winds up to 150mph. This will give you the peace of mind that your siding will withstand many years of storms. To read more on moisture and rot, click here. Additionally, James Hardie® products hold paint 3-4 times longer than traditional vinyl siding, to read more on this please click here.

Environmentally friendly. James Hardie® supports creating more environmentally sustainable home, neighborhoods, and communities. Read more on their green efforts, here.

They compare their products to other alternatives. If you're interested to see how James Hardie® products compare to other popular alternatives, you can find that information here.

Lifetime value. James Hardie® products offer you the #1 return on investment for remodeling projects over the past 15 years, it will lower the cost of your homeowners insurance by an average of 14%,  a longer paint cycle, up to a 30 year limited warranty, and no need to wait for optimal weather conditions. To read more on James Hardie's lifetime value click here.

James Hardie® has a plethora of testimonials from contractors and homeowners that can attest to the quality of these products. Take a look at what everyone has to say, here!

They have received recognition. You may be able to argue that the testimonials are only from satisfied customers but you can hardly argue with the Good Housekeeping Seal! Check out all of their awards here!

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