Cotham Construction Services & Roofing, LLC. is an authorized dealer for Attic Breeze® Solar Attic Ventilation Fans. AtticBreeze® offers an ideal ventilation solution for virtually any residential or commercial building. We honestly believe these are the best solar attic vents on the market today and it doesn't hurt that they are manufactured right here in the Texas Hill Country either. These solar powered fans are manufactured using only the highest quality products and designed to deliver consistently. Attic Breeze's UltraFlō® technology maximizes performance keeping your attic cool and keeping the Texas Heat out of your home!  We offer a wide variety of colors, roof flashings, and solar mount options. To learn more about the technology that powers these fans, click here!

Attic ventilation is directly correlated to the amount of heat transferred into your home. Passive attic vents are producing 1-2 attic air changes per hour while the Attic Breeze® line of products produce 10-15 attic air changes an hour. And the best part is this system is completely cost free because it runs of 100% solar power. 

So why choose an Attic Breeze® product when you can buy a solar powered attic fan from a hardware store for roughly 1/3 the cost? Because Attic Breeze® offers you a lifetime warranty, a 30% federal tax credit, more options, are Florida and Texas Windstorm approved, and performs significantly better than the low grade fans you can buy in store.

Attic Breeze® offers a lifetime warranty on all residential products and an industry leading 25 year warranty on all commercial products. These attic fans are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and offer decades of durability. They also offer the best warranty of any other manufacturer in the industry. They truly stand behind their products.

Residential Warranty- Attic Breeze® warrants our solar powered ventilation products to be free from defects in workmanship, parts, and materials for the LIFETIME of the product as applied to all residential applications and uses of our products.

Commercial Warranty- Attic Breeze® warrants our solar powered ventilation products to be free from defects in workmanship, parts, and materials for a period of 25 years from the original purchase date of the product.

To read more on their warranties, please click here!

Texas offers a 30% tax credit on solar attic fans. This tax credit doesn't just apply to the cost of the fan, but the installation and sales tax as well. This is significant because this will reduce the cost of this fan by 30% and make it even harder to pass up! Learn more about this tax credit and other available to you here!

Attic Breeze® offers the most options available on the market today. They offer the most color options, roof flashings,  and mounting options. So rest assured that no matter what your needs, we can help you find an Attic Breeze® product that will work for you.

Attic Breeze® products are Florida and Texas Windstorm Approved. Attic Breeze® solar attic fans are designed to meet or exceed the wind load pressures that occur during the worst hurricane conditions possible.  While not all areas of the U.S. require this degree of windstorm protection, there are certain areas that do have standardized product certification requirements. 

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requires that all products which are installed fastened to a roof within the thirteen county Texas Gulf Coast Windstorm Region be independently tested and windstorm certified.  While TDI approves products for use in the Texas Gulf Coast Windstorm Region, they also recognize Florida FBC approved products as well.  Attic Breeze roof mounted solar attic fans featuring self-flashing fan housings are Texas windstorm approved (Texas Department of Insurance Product Approval #RV-59) and meet TDI Building Code requirements for the Texas Gulf Coast Windstorm Region.  Attic Breeze GM model retrofit solar gable fans and WM model wall mount fans are not required to have windstorm product approval (no roof penetration is required). To read more on Windstorm performance, click here.

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