Many homeowners do not realize how many benefits there are to replacing windows throughout your home. Many home builders use thin windows that provide little to no energy efficiency. You can compare this to a fireplace (windows that come with your home) versus central heating (energy efficient windows). We firmly believe in the benefits our loyal customers receive by replacing the windows in their home. We realize that it is a major investment into your home and we will provide you with many options to fit your families needs. Cotham Construction Services & Roofing takes pride in being an Austin contracting expert and can help you save money on your energy bills by replacing the windows in your home. Many of the energy providers in Central Texas offer rebates for these projects. The reasoning behind this is that although the windows can be a large investment over time the windows will pay for themselves between the rebates and energy savings.

We work with several local companies to bring you only the best in Vinyl Windows. We offer many solutions to your window needs from cost efficient to designer windows. We will professionally install your windows so you can be sure it's done right and we stand behind our quality workmanship. The window companies we work with provide unbeatable warranties on their windows and many options to suit your unique taste. Windows are one of the most attractive features of your home providing you with ventilation, ease of use, and natural light. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as different styles.  To learn more about windows please read the information below.

Windows that open and can provide ventilation:
  • Single-Hung
    • Open up instead of out
    • Ideal for high traffic areas
    • Upper sash fixed, lower sash moveable
  • Double-Hung
    • Open up instead of out
    • Ideal for high traffic areas
    • Both sashes moveable and tilt for easy cleaning
    • Looks best on French, Colonial, Craftsman, and Victorian style homes
  • Horizontal Windows
    • Vent sash slides along sill of window
    • Used for ventilation and egress purposes
    • Looks best on Prairie, Tudor, Ranch, French, and Contemporary homes
  • Casement Windows
    • Contemporary look; works well with many different styles of homes
    • Unobstructed views, and allow airflow into home
    • Open on hinges makes it ideal for awkward spaces
  • Awning Windows
    • Can be positioned above or below windows for ventilation
    • Silimar to casement windows: wider than they are tall and crank open from the bottom
    • Versatile, looks great with many different styles of homes
Energy Efficiency:
  • Windows can account for up to 30% energy savings per year
    • U-Value
      • How well a window prevents heat from leaving a home
    • Solar Heat Gain (SHGC)
      • How well a windows prevents heat from entering a home
  • Window Materials
    • Window frames
      • Aluminum
        • Easy to maintain
        • Cost effective
        • No insulation
      • Vinyl
        • Energy efficient
        • Durable
        • Low maintenance
      • Composite
        • Constructed from alloy of resins
        • Superior aesthetics
        • Dimensional stability
        • High thermal performance
      • Fiberglass
        • Wont rot or decay
        • Low maintenance
      • Wood
        • Highest priced option
        • Better insulator than aluminum
        • Weather can damage
        • Can rot or warp if not properly protected
    • Glass options
      • Single Pane
        • Offer little protection from heat and cold
        • Poor energy efficiency
        • Standard in most homes
      • Insulated Glass (Two Panes)
        • Two panes separated by air (double glazing)
        • Provides insulation by reducing heat flow
        • Improves sound control
        • Condensation resistance
      • Clear Class
        • In a single pane unit allows most heat loss or gain, allows most amount of daylight into room
        • In insulated glass reduces heat loss or gain but has visible transmittance similar to single pane clear glass
      • Low E Coating
        • Virtually invisible metal or metallic oxide layers to reduce U-Value
        • In warm weather block heat out, in cold weather keep warmth in
      • Tinted Glass
        • Has no effect on the U-Value
        • Reduces Solar Heat Gain
        • Type of tint effects how much light is allowed through
      • Laminated Glass
        • Tough protected interlayer of polyvinyl butyral
        • Bonds two panes together as one
        • May break upon impact but tend to stick to interlayer
        • Used for safety
        • Reduces sound
      • Tempered Glass
        • Ordinary glass heated then rapidly cooled
        • Up to 4 times stronger than regular glass
        • Shatters into small blunt fragments reducing risk of serious injury
        • Safety codes require tempered glass in all doors (including patio doors) and in windows that are located near doors, bathtubs or showers

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